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Fundraising 101 – The Basics of Fundraising


lanet Popcorn understands how fundraising has been a financial lifesaver for many schools, churches, sports leagues and other non-profit clubs and organizations involving children that depend on outside funding for special projects, trips, and equipment. Sometimes budgets are cut unexpectedly or financial issues within a family have prevented a child from experiencing the opportunities their classmates may have been accustomed to. Fundraising can help school music or art program continue, send a child on a mission trip to another country, fund a field trip the capitol or buy a softball uniform.

It is no secret that fundraising takes a lot of time and even more hard work. Why not just make a donation and be done with it? Fundraising builds causes and is initiated and carried through by parents, grandparents, teachers, and members of these organizations who care enough to want to make a difference in the programs that their children are involved in. Not only does it make a difference now, but also makes it possible for future generations to experience and learn from the outcome. However, there are other benefits of fundraising.

Sense of Pride

Those involved in fundraising establish a sense of pride among themselves, allowing them to recognize that the items needed or the experience was earned instead if given to them free.

Service-Oriented Giving

People seem to be the happiest when serving others. Fundraising efforts are not temporary; they can create happy memories and meaningful experiences for everyone involved. Knowing that the effort spent on fundraising may actually change the life of a child does the heart good! When the focus is on others and not us, all kinds of positive things can be accomplished.

Learn to Handle Money

The responsibility of handling money is scary, especially if it belongs to someone else. Fundraising teaches a child to pay attention to prices, add sales tax if applicable, collect money, balance totals, and put it in a safe place until it is delivered to the organization. It also teaches how to deliver and distribute the product that has been purchased.


Fundraising teaches and promotes self-confidence and self-esteem. Presenting a product to sell and delivering a sales pitch to strangers, friends, and family members allows a child to organize thoughts, speak properly, and have the experience to convince the customer to buy the product.

Fundraising may be difficult and time consuming, but it will reap many benefits for years to come!

Fundraising Teaches Lifelong Skills

When adults and children are involved in fundraising, the experience teaches them lifelong skills that can only be learned when dealing with people, such as:

  • Organizational and problem solving skills
  • Dealing with people as customers
  • Learning to focus on others

Community Involvement

Fundraising involves parents, children, leaders, members of the community, local organizations, places of employment, and government agencies. When they are involved in selling or buying the product, each person feels as if they have ownership in the project.