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America’s Preferred Choice for Snack Time Fun


arefully crafted to deliver the most intense flavor possible, our gourmet popcorn is the ultimate in savory-tangy, or delicately-sweet goodness. From the moment you open your first bag of our amazingly fresh gourmet popcorn, you’ll see why Planet Popcorn’s satisfyingly seasoned kernels are America’s preferred choice for snack time fun anywhere, whether you’re at home, at work, partying with friends, or anywhere else!

At Planet Popcorn, we believe that our gourmet popcorn flavors should always be fresh and delicious; that’s why we’ve taken the time to create the highest-quality popcorn treats using only the best ingredients! Grab a bag or bin of our super cheesy cheddar gourmet popcorn today and taste the Planet Popcorn difference for yourself!