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Safety First Fundraising – Keeping Your Fundraisers Safe


olunteering to sell Planet Popcorn gourmet popcorn for your organizations fundraiser can be rewarding and fun; however there are some common sense safety measure you should think about. Selling your fundraisers products at an outside location could mean your volunteers may need to approach strangers at a grocery store, mall or other outside location. While safety in this case may not an issue for young adults, it’s something to think about for younger children. If you’re volunteers will be approaching strangers attempting to sell your fundraising products, then we ask that you please review the basic safety guidelines we have listed below.

Most schools and organizations have changed the way they conduct fundraisers, and are now much more safety-conscious. Most door-to-door selling is actually discouraged these days, but there are many other creative ways to have a successful fundraiser without actually knocking on doors.

Tip | Always Be Prepared

Keep your fundraising materials with you, you may run across a customer in unexpected places such as doctor or dentist’s office.

Tip | Family and Friends

Asking a family member or even a neighbor to help you sell your products at their work is a great idea, and can really payoff in sales.

Safety Tips for Fundraising

Wherever you decide to sell, please remember these tips to ensure that you can fundraise safely:

  • Know the safety rules that your organization has set up for selling and follow them
  • Parents, teacher, coaches, or other adults are the supervisors of your fundraiser
  • Always be accompanied by a parent or another adult and make sure they are nearby when approaching people you don’t know. Never sell alone, even teenagers
  • If selling door-to-door, only approach houses that you or your parents are familiar with
  • Never go inside anyone’s house or go to a secluded area for any reason. Stay right outside the door within sight
  • If something or someone makes you uncomfortable, walk or run away and tell an adult immediately. Rely on your gut feelings
  • Sell only in daylight hours only, never sell at night when it’s dark outside
  • Never carry cash with you. Give cash and checks to an adult until it can be turned in
  • Do not give out your personal information