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Fundraising Selling Tools – Setting Your Fundraiser in Motion


ost fundraisers usually start out with a shared financial need; your soccer team needs new uniforms, your classroom needs new laptops, or maybe friends need tuition for summer band camp. When the extra funds for items like these are not available in a school or organization’s budget, fundraising with Planet Popcorn gourmet popcorn is a perfectly fun solution. While fundraisers may seem like they take a lot of time and effort, they can be made easy and even fun if everyone participates; including volunteers to help sell, adults to supervise, and members of the community to… well, buy of-course!

Tip | Set Progress Meetings

Schedule regular progress meetings with your organization to make sure goals are being met, report results and motivate volunteers.

Tip | Good Record Keeping

Accurate record keeping is a must for your fundraiser to be a success. Use our pre-flight order verification checklist before submitting.

Set Sales Goals

Your Fundraiser will be more successful when goals are set and shared with everyone in your organization at the beginning of your fundraiser. Here are some basic tips to help you get started in setting goals for your fundraiser, as well as tips on where to sell and how to sell.

  • Determine how much money is needed, and how long the fundraiser will last
  • Find out when other schools or organizations are having their fundraisers
  • Set a due date for all funds to be turned in, send out texts and emails as the date nears
  • Plan in advance; start recruiting volunteers, and order brochures and order forms ASAP
  • Build a network through text messaging or emails to stay in touch with volunteers

Where To Sale

Its important to know which locations are available and safe to sell your gourmet popcorn. Door-to-door sales are okay in some locations, but maybe not in others; always make sure you have an adult with you who can help you decide if a location is safe for selling. There are lots of other locations where you can come in contact with enough people to make your selling a success.

  • Visit family, friends, relatives, neighbors and school mates
  • Parents can take brochures and order forms to work
  • Announcements can be placed in school bulletins, newsletters and even social media
  • Find a spot in high traffic locations such as sporting events, garage sales or supermarkets
  • Local businesses may allow you to place brochures or flyers on their counters or in windows

How To Sale

The way you present yourself and your products to customers can make or break your sale. If it makes you feel more comfortable, try writing a script of what you are going to say. Remember to tell people who you are, and why you’re selling. Try these tips to help your selling strategy:

  • Introduce yourself first, tell people who you are
  • Tell them what organization you are selling products for
  • Tell them what the money will be used for
  • Tell them great things about the products your selling
  • Keep eye contact, say “please” and ‘thank you,” and smile!

Build Trust

Its important that customers trust you and know who they are buying from. If you have one, try wearing a name tag or your team uniform and hat, so people can see who you represent. Learn as much about Planet Popcorn gourmet popcorn as possible, so you can answer customer questions. When you take a customer’s order, always handle the money properly and be sure to say thank you. Remember, they may buy from you again on your next fundraiser!